22 Submissions from Our Now-Stricken Dennison Petition

Earlier today the Zoning Board of Appeals ruled that our Change.org petition supporting the renovation of the Dennison Hotel, signed by 665 people from around the country, would be stricken from the official record on the basis that the petition’s comments were not relevant to the case. We fully respect this decision.

We also appreciate the opinions of all who submitted and recognize that public online comments are the backbone of many successful online companies today, proving their validity in general.

Although no longer part of the public legal record, the below 22 signatures are a small sample of the greatness that came from all over supporting the Dennison. You may read all submissions here. Thank you very much to everyone who signed.

From Around Cincinnati

History doesn’t need erasing it needs embracing

Joel Griggs Cincinnati, OH

I love the original architecture of my city, and I feel it would be a huge disservice to future generations to destroy the urban fabric of our unique city. There is no other city like Cincinnati.

Carmen Parks, Cincinnati, OH

This is a Hannaford building, must we continue to destroy the rich heritage of our city instead of repurposing these grand old gals? We can do better.

Barbara McManus, Cincinnati, OH

I believe that historic buildings add significant value and quality to our community in ways that cannot be replicated. There are plenty of other sites available for new construction.

Joe Obermeyer, Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati needs to remain rooted. Maintaining a connection with our past through our architecture is a fundamental component of this principle.

 Mark Wiesner, Cincinnati, OH

I’m signing because I believe Historic Districts are important and they should mean something. Buyers of property too often seem to assume that compliance is optional

Kathy Holwadel, Cincinnati, OH

I am a huge fan of Samuel Hannaford and the buildings he designed. I strongly agree that we cannot continue to destroy his legacy.

Mary Rebold, Cincinnati, OH

When I first visited Cincinnati a few years ago, I fell in love with its beautiful historic architecture. I’ve since relocated to Cincinnati (OTR) from New York City. I can honestly say that the architecture was one of the deciding factors in my move. We simply must stop destroying these historic landmark buildings that make Cincinnati so special.

Meredyth Whitford, Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati’s historic architecture is one of its greatest assets. That is clearer now more than ever. Let’s not replace it with parking lots.

James Hassan, Lebanon, OH

I believe the Dennison is important to downtown’s fabric, an irreplaceable piece of history, and should be preserved.

Andy Shenk, Cincinnati, OH

I recently moved downtown from the suburbs and the reason I chose to invest in this city is because of the character of the people and the place. It is our responsibility to preserve the character of our place and the Dennison is part of what makes our city unique.

Diana Sadowski, Cincinnati, OH

This building is beautiful. Another brilliant Samuel Hannaford structure that is important to the historical fabric of this city. Demolishing it would hurt our wonderful community!

Patrick McCue, Milford, OH

I am a historic preservation student at UC and feel that the character of OTR would be in danger if demolition were to occur.

Jake Gianni, Northbrook, IL

From Around the U.S.

I stay in Cincinnati regularly and love all the historic vibe, one of the most beautiful cities in America and by far the most beautiful city in the midwest.

 Susan Zipser, Phoenix, AZ

We need to preserve historic and functional, beautiful architecture. I live where there are almost no historic buildings. I miss this aspect of living in that part of the country.

Steven Carson, Anchorage, AK

The architecture of Cincinnati is what makes it so unique. During my first visit to Cincinnati, I fell in love with the city because of its beautiful, historic architecture. As a young professional who chose to move to this city, I have great pride in our city’s architecture and rank it among the top reasons I decided to make Cincinnati home. Respecting our city’s heritage is so important to many living in this city and will play a huge role in attracting others. The character and charm of these historic buildings is truly impossible to replace.

Kelly Gillen, New York, NY

Every historic building is irreplaceable, especially a fine example like the Dennison hotel!

 Mitch Jorstad, Saint Louis, MO

As a native of Cincinnati, it pleases me to see the burgeoning appreciation for our beautiful collection of 19th century architecture- the Dennison being a perfect example. After 124 years of presence in our downtown, it deserves protection and preservation.

Danielle Bennignus, Dallas, TX

I think that this historic building can and should be saved. Cincinnati is my home town and I used to live in the old historic building The Hotel Metropole that opened in 1912. In 1971 it was converted to a low income housing with retail and restaurants on the first floor. The building is now the 21c Museum Hotel. So I have seen first hand the great things that Cincinnati can do with these great Historical buildings. So please keep the Dennison Hotel standing. Thank you

Daniel Miller, West Columbia, SC

The preservation of architecturally or historically significant structures is in our cultural interest. Historic preservation, for all time, tells us who we were, who we are, and who we will be.

Neil Whitford, Morehead City, NC

The Denison Hotel is an excellent example of pre-1900 architecture in the Cincinnati East Manufacturing and Warehouse District in Cincinnati, designed by Cincinnati’s most famous architect Samuel Hannaford. I am signing this petition to prevent another piece of Cincinnati’s historic urban fabric from being destroyed forever.

Johann Pareigis, Suisun City, CA

I am signing because I grew up in Cincinnat and know what a special city it is. One of the things that makes Cincinnati great is its architecture. When you go downtown and look around, spectacular buildings full of history and beauty surround you. Its a feeling you don’t get in any of Ohio’s other major cities.

Jamie Bedel, Columbus, OH

Thank you to everybody who signed.

John Blatchford


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