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#SaveTheDennison | Photo by Kenneth D. Jenkins


Update 01/13/2017 

The Dennison Hotel- Joint Statement From CPA & CPC- 1-13-17

Update 01/07/2017 – It appears at this time that we will not be allowed to appeal the decision made by the ZBA. We are exploring any avenues to continue defending the Dennison, but the situation looks very grim. Please contact us if you want to support the effort in any way.

All donations from this point forward will be directed to our Building Defense Fund for the current and future protection of Cincinnati buildings. 

Update 12/10/2016 – The ZBA has voted 3-2 to allow the demolition of the Dennison Hotel. We will determine soon possible next steps and are committed to continuing this case. More information:


Update 11/19/2016 – The ZBA will make a final decision regarding the Dennison in early December.

Update 09/22/2016 – The Dennison hearing in front of the ZBA has been moved to October 17th. You can read a full update here

Update 08/29/2016 – The Historic Conservation Board has denied the demolition of  the Dennison Hotel. The case has been appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) in which CPC will continue to make our case to preserve the building. The case will be heard in front of the ZBA on September 22nd, 9am, at 805 Central Ave., II Centennial Plaza, 5th Floor.

Please consider a donation to help us continue this fight. 
The decision to deny the demolition was based on the case made by our lawyer –Sean Suder of Graydon Head– along with expert testimony, and public support/donations from all of you. This would not have been possible without you. Thank you!

All donations will go directly to the defense of the Dennison Hotel including legal costs and organizing. Any remaining funds from the campaign will be directed into the CPC General Fund for future preservation cases. 

History of the Dennison

Source: Digging Cincinnati History

The Dennison Building is at 716 Main St. in downtown Cincinnati and is part of the Main St. Historic District; a historic district recognized for its style, consistency and density.

The building was originally constructed in 1892 for the G. B. Schulte Sons Company for their iron and steel business by Samuel Hannaford and Sons  architects.

In addition to this building, Samuel Hannaford (1835-1911) constructed Music Hall, City Hall, the Phoenix Building, Emery Theatre, Van Wormer Library at the University of Cincinnati and dozens of other significant Cincinnati buildings. He is—without a doubt—Cincinnati’s most famous and esteemed architect of all time.

By 1940 the hotel became known as a place for affordable housing for the less fortunate. Housing rates in 1999 were $30.63 per day and $88.40 to $110.50 per week.

In 2011, it was announced that the building had been purchased by The Model Group and, with help from 3CDC and the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority, the building would get a renovation to 63 studio apartments, but continue to serve as low income housing.

Joseph Auto Group

These plans did not come to fruition and in July of 2013 the building was sold to CBD Holdings Inc. for $1,277,473. Just one month later, the building was sold again to the Columbia Oldsmobile Company for $744,431; a part of the Joseph Auto Group.

The building was recently purchased by Columbia REI, also part of Joseph Auto Group, and proposed to be demolished. In their pursuit of demolition, Joseph Auto Group hired Fran Barrett – the lawyer responsible for the demolition of the Gamble House and Christy’s, the proposed demolition of the Davis Furniture Building and the reduction of the Lytle Park Historic District (which led to the demolitions of 3 historic buildings on Arch St.)

What’s Next

The building has been denied demolition by the Historic Conservation Board. It may now be appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals which is a public meeting on October 17th in the 5th floor conference room of Centennial II.

We, along with Cincinnati Preservation Association, have hired Sean Suder of Graydon Head to continue defending us in this case. We need your financial support to continue the fight to save the Dennison Hotel.

Painting by Phil Armstrong


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We are raising money for the following reasons

  1. Legal Representation
    • The effort to save the Dennison will be fought against two attorneys in various judicial hearings. Legal representation is one of the best ways that we can be on equal ground to the applicant. Beyond the HCB, this could include legal representation at the Zoning Board of Appeals and further courts.
  2. Promotion
    • We believe that letting the world know about the proposed demolition will prove that the community supports saving it.
  3. CPC General Fund
    • Any extra money committed will go directly towards protecting other endangered buildings.

  • This post has been updated to reflect a successful defense of the building at the HCB and its continuation on to the ZBA.
  • The initial version of this post listed the building within the Cincinnati East Manufacturing District. The building is actually within the Main St. Historic District.
  • This post has been updated to extend the donation deadline through the HCB meeting.
  • This post has been updated to modify the HCB meeting time as it was changed.


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