The Dennison Hotel- Joint Statement From CPA & CPC- 1-13-17

Cincinnati Preservation Association (CPA) and Cincinnati Preservation Collective CPC) support the request to delay issuance of a demolition permit while the landmark designation of the Dennison Hotel is under consideration. The recent opinion that Councilmember Seelbach’s landmark application is valid requires that the landmark process be completed and it prohibits demolition during that time.

CPA and CPC continue to work to save the Dennison by supporting the city regulatory process and by bringing highly qualified developers to the owners for purchase or land lease of the property. The project has been reviewed by many experienced developers. Their overwhelming opinion is that the building can be successfully redeveloped as apartments. The parking lot site is already large enough to construct any development that might be possible. Preserving important historic buildings has been very good for Cincinnati. The Dennison can add to the revitalization that is underway.

We urge the owners to delay demolition for three months. During this time we would request access to the buildings for developers to create development plans and offers to purchase the building or enter into a ground lease. We believe this approach provides the most benefit to the owners and to the community at large.

Cincinnati Preservation Association
Cincinnati Preservation Collective


Justin Leach


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