AEM applauds Biden’s historic infrastructure plan to rebuild our country and revitalize American industry

President Joe Biden announced a new $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal, the American Jobs Plan, in Pittsburgh, Penn. yesterday. Biden’s plan includes a number of significant provisions for AEM, including prioritizing highway repairs, rebuilding bridges, modernizing ports, airports and transit systems as well as items intended to revitalize manufacturing. WEA President Dennis Slater issued the following statement to applaud President Biden’s plan:

“The Equipment Manufacturers Association has long advocated for transformational investment in our nation’s infrastructure that grows our businesses, creates more family jobs, improves our quality of life and protects our environment for generations to come,” said Dennis Slater, President. of the Equipment Manufacturers Association. “President Biden’s plan reflects many of the priorities outlined in AEM’s ‘The US Infrastructure Report’ framework, including modernizing aging infrastructure assets to ensure our global economic competitiveness, expanding broadband connectivity band, creating new industry partnerships, boosting workplace learning programs, and ensuring that state and local governments have the fiscal resources they need. Agreeing on a long-term, sustainable financing mechanism that secures the long-term competitiveness of the U.S. economy will require compromise, and we are committed to engaging constructively with all stakeholders to build consensus. Equipment manufacturers applaud President Biden for seizing this generational opportunity to rebuild our country and revive the economy, and we look forward to working with his administration, as well as both parties in Congress, to move forward. and quickly pass common-sense, bipartisan legislation in due order. It’s time to act.”

Look for a detailed analysis of President Biden’s infrastructure plan from AEM’s advocacy team in next week’s AEM Industry Advisor.

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