America wins, far left and right lose


WASHINGTON, November 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The US House passed the landmark bipartisan infrastructure bill last night and a courageous group of bipartisan members made all the difference. Democrats and Republicans – most from within the ranks of the problem-solver caucus – forced a vote on the unconditional infrastructure bill, severing the link with a separate reconciliation bill that had delayed a vote on House infrastructure for months. Then, when six Democratic “no” votes threatened to derail the infrastructure vote, 13 Republicans crossed over to put the bill on top.

This victory for the American people has been brewing for months. In April, National Co-President No Labels Larry hogan brought together Democratic and Republican governors, members of the House and Senate to begin developing a framework for an infrastructure bill. In the coming months, No Labels would hold several more bipartite and bicameral meetings to try to keep the momentum behind the bill even though it appeared stalled after the Senate passed it in August with 69 votes. But the persistence of No Labels and our allies in the House and Senate has paid off and the American people will be so much better off.

“When President Biden signs this bill, it will represent the largest infrastructure investment in America since Eisenhower and Congress built the Interstate Highway System. It will create millions of jobs,” the co-worker said. -executive director of No Labels. Marguerite Blanche. “But it also represents a signing moment that shows what can happen when a group of Democratic and Republican senators and House members come together and do the difficult but essential job of trying to find a home ground. agreement.”

In addition to the passage of the infrastructure bill last night, key members of the Problem Solver Caucus also ensured that a separate reconciliation bill would not be voted on until it received a full score. of the Congressional Budget Office, which will enable members and the public to carry out the due diligence and review of such substantial legislative act.

“If you flipped the news by cable last night, you saw commentators on the left and the right denouncing this bill and this vote,” said the chief strategist of No Labels. Ryan clancy. But today the vast majority of Americans applaud and that is why it is so important. The large American majority is starting to back down and demand something better from our leaders and it is to the credit of the members of the Problem Solvers Caucus that they have mobilized to deliver. “

No Labels is a national movement of Democrats, Republicans and Independents working to bring our leaders together to solve America’s toughest problems.

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