Architectural Review and Historic Preservation

Public hearings for the Architectural Review Board, Barrio Latino Commission, and Historic Preservation Commission will be held at:

old town hall

315 E. Kennedy Blvd.

City Council Chamber, 3rd Floor

Tampa, Florida 33602

Please note: All parties and all interested citizens may appear and be heard on all matters relevant to the request. Members of the public who do not wish to appear in person may submit written comments by mail to the Architectural Review & Historic Preservation Offices, 1400 N. Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33607 or by email to [email protected] All written comments must be received no later than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting in order to be distributed to Commission members and included in the official minutes of the meeting. To check the status of the public hearing, please contact our office at (813) 274-3100, Option #3.

Architectural Review and Historic Preservation is part of the Department of Development and Growth Management.

Historic Preservation is responsible for maintaining the integrity of local historic districts, local historic monuments and the preservation of contributing structures by ensuring that any changes to these structures are implemented in a plan-appropriate manner. architectural. In addition, Historic Preservation provides stewardship of Tampa’s historic buildings and sites and recognition of significant people in the development of the community. These efforts are accomplished through the Architectural Review Board, the Barrio Latino Commission, and the Historic Preservation Commission. Currently, there are four Local Historic Districts and 64 Local Historic Landmarks that have been designated and protected in the City of Tampa.

Tampa has been certified by the State of Florida as a local government that has met the criteria for administering federal and state historic preservation programs. One of the certification requirements is that development in historic districts be reviewed by architectural boards/commissions. The established boards are composed of the Architectural Review Board (ARC), the Barrio Latino Commission (BLC), and the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

See below for quick links to district agendas, timetables and maps:

Architectural Review Board:

Barrio Latino Commission:

Historic Preservation Commission:

Interstate Trust Fund for Historic Preservation:

Access historic preservation designations to see Tampa (districts, local landmarks, and multi-property groups)

For more information on the above commissions, the Interstate Trust Fund for Historic Preservation, and historic preservation designations, see the Information Resources section in the left column.


Certificate of Suitability applications for new construction, additions and exterior repairs can be submitted online and checked for status 24/7 at

For instructions on creating an application for the Architectural Review Board and the Barrio Latino Board, please follow this link

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