Banner Hospitals May Limit ‘Elective’ Surgeries to Save Resources | Coronavirus in Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – Arizona’s largest hospital system will limit “elective” surgeries to conserve hospital space and resources. Banner Hospitals, a spokesperson said, will always perform medically necessary surgeries and procedures. The spokesperson used the example of a hip replacement as a procedure that could be postponed. The spokesperson said surgeons would decide to stop these operations on a case-by-case basis.

Banner Health official warns of current trends in COVID-19 in Arizona

“The concern is what our resource capacity is and how to prioritize the emergency,” said Dr Ross Goldberg, surgeon at Valleywise Health. “We have to do what is necessary and sort out the importance.” Dr Goldberg said his hospital system is closely monitoring the ability to see if they will need to stop elective surgeries as well. “We are really looking day after day at what we can and cannot do,” said Dr Goldberg.

Hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated patients.

More Arizona hospitals may have to ration care amid COVID-19 outbreak

Dr Goldberg said hospitals were filling up with unvaccinated patients. He and many other medical professionals are once again begging to roll up your sleeve, which he says will alleviate the problems doctors are seeing today. “The health care community as a whole is tired. We are concerned about burning people,” said Dr. Goldberg. “This is when we will all need to be a community and work together.”

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