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Literally any type of problem can be ignored for a while, but at least the one involving water, definitely not. Water is known as Amrit or gives and sustains life. Added to this is the question of the management of water and its resources which, on a daily basis, is not only a question of demand and supply, but that of the depletion of its resources and the vast challenge to know how to maintain a balance as much as possible. be possible between various vital factors and possibly how to replenish the resources, including ways to contain its flagrant waste and abuse. There are provisions to develop and conserve the limited water resources and budgetary allocations to develop various projects in this direction are also provided. Similarly, emphasis should be placed on water governance and policy development and even on the introduction of reforms.
That said, it is incomprehensible why the Jammu and Kashmir Water Resources Regulatory Authority (JKWRRA) has not had a chairman for four months, leaving important decisions to be made on the role Continuity of the Regulatory Authority for piling up late or simply avoiding making any decision. Moreover, against a full quorum of three members, there are currently two and one of them is resigning for personal reasons, thus reducing the number of members to one. In other words, the JKWRRA is just about to fall into an obsolete status that cannot be afforded even the slightest bit. Although we have emulated the water resources governance model of Maharashtra, there is a strong need for sweeping reforms, especially in various areas where the water table shows signs of constant depletion. Good, healthy and quality water is a major challenge that should not be recognized in its totality but all the efforts made to make it equally available.
Sincere concerted efforts should be made to breathe new life into the Regulatory Authority, as it becomes an imperative duty for the government to make the Regulatory Authority strong and capable enough by providing the structural support and never let it “hungry” for the appointment of its leader. and the limbs on it, back to back.
Why as such Jal Shakti Department of Jammu and Kashmir is not initiating the necessary steps and raising the matter with the government for the appointment of a new President by occupying the vacant post. While on paper, the aim is to strengthen the efficiency and strength of the Regulatory Authority, the reality on the ground is that several additional positions that were sanctioned for this purpose a year ago have not been filled. so far. At best, temporarily delegating a few engineers to the Authority is all that is done in the name of increasing manpower, which means persistent staff shortages and mismanagement of water resources, including costing of the water. The conservation of scarce water resources becomes the immediate victim of the government’s unserious approach. It is one thing that Jammu and Kashmir is sufficiently blessed by nature in terms of water resources, but wantonly exploiting these resources and caring the least about conservation can drag down the present generation, no matter how capable , in the area of ​​water culprits. Shouldn’t we, including the government, do everything under heaven to save water, conserve its resources, and fix the cost of its use and the penalties for abuse? Therefore, the government must reinvigorate the JK Water Resources Regulatory Authority by making it structurally viable and strong.

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