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By Marta Moody—

MUNCIE, Ind. – The Muncie Action Plan (MAP) has spent much of 2021 in partnership with representatives from the Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission and NEXT Muncie surveying Muncie citizens and working with the planning firm czb in the development of the new strategic investment plan for the city of Muncie.

The last big scale CARD planning took place in 2009 and although two updates have been made since then, we are thrilled to set up the latest large-scale engagement effort where the residents of Muncie helped create a new vision for the Muncie’s growth and investment.

As we wrap up this year, we would like to share MAP’s successes as we approach our annual community meeting on January 26th.and which will be both open to the public to join online (click here to register) and streamed on Facebook Live. Each of our five working groups will share the work accomplished in 2021. This is the fifth and final report from our working group leaders.

Muncie Action Plan Working Group 5: Community Resource Management

From the beginning, the actions of Task Force 5 have focused on supporting projects and activities carried out by various municipal departments and other non-profit organizations. In 2021, work continued on Phase 3 of the Kitselman Gateway project involving the design and engineering of the Cardinal Greenway realignment on the west side of the river. Previous phases included the placement of the historic metal bridge and the extension of the White River Greenway on the east side of the river.

Angler for smallmouth bass under the Kitselman Bridge. File photo.

This multi-faceted project promotes the following Task Force 5 action items: Support a brownfields redevelopment program; Support cycling-friendly community programs; and Encourage the development of a plan for sidewalks and recreational paths. Additional bicycle and pedestrian-related activities include design work for the Riverside Pathway and the major city-wide sidewalk installation project – both of which are expected to enter construction in 2022.

Working Group 5 is also promoting the implementation of the Prairie Creek Master Plan. The City of Muncie continues to move forward with improvements to Prairie Creek Park, including facility upgrades and new identification and directional signage that will promote the park as a regional asset.

A new action item, added with MAP 3, was support from the Muncie Land Bank. During 2021, Land Bank continued to make significant progress. There were 26 properties that have been sold and there are 34 additional properties that are in progress – some are up for sale, some are being closed and some are still under review. The mission of Muncie Land Bank, Inc. is to acquire derelict and derelict properties, preserve them, and provide them to the public for strategic redevelopment. The acquired properties can be viewed on the website

For most action points in TF 5, WFP’s role is one of support, encouragement and promotion. The only action that has become a direct WFP activity concerns the establishment of an energy office and an advisory committee in Muncie. In early 2020, MAP’s TF 5 convened a new Planet Muncie Committee whose mission was to mainstream sustainability initiatives. In the spring of 2021, Muncie City Council passed a resolution recognizing the importance of climate change and the need for a climate action plan. In the fall of 2021, a graduate assistant began working, with the Planet Muncie Committee, to create a Muncie Climate Action Plan which is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.

Throughout 2021, MAP was involved in the TogetherDM initiative to create a new comprehensive plan for Muncie and Delaware County as well as a new Muncie Strategic Investment Plan that would become the next MAP guide. The 3 key elements presented in TogetherDM all have direct links with the actions of Task Force 5 since they include improving the quality of life, improving housing conditions and options and promoting mobility opportunities ascending.

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