Deep in the Heart Learning Resources for K-12 Students Now Available | by Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute | August 2022

Deep in the Heart is the first premier wildlife documentary ever produced about our beloved Texas. The film celebrates our many conservation successes while presenting some of our most important ecological issues through the eyes of wildlife and wild places. The feature begins in the high plains and peaks of West Texas, traverses various ecoregions along our many river systems, and ends along the bays and estuaries of the Gulf of Mexico. Deep in the Heart aims to inspire Texans to conserve our remaining wild places, show the connectivity of water and wildlife, and recognize the importance of Texas conservation on a continental scale.

Excerpts from the American Bison, Black Bear, Texas Gulf Coast, and Guadalupe Sea Bass are now available for educational purposes to connect students to unique Texas environments, inspire awe at the beauty nature of our state and lead to actions that support conservation. Each video includes 4 TEKS and NGSS aligned lessons for K-12 teachers and students. Lessons include teacher instructions, student handouts in English and Spanish, and PowerPoint files in English and Spanish. Access Deep in the Heart learning resources here:

If you haven’t seen Deep in the Heart yet, check it out on various streaming services:

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