Discounts, resources available to help reduce water use • The Malibu Times

The city has partnered with LACWD and the West Basin Municipal Water District to help Malibu residents and businesses save water and money through the Malibu Smart Water Conservation Program, Turf Replacement. Outdoor water consumption accounts for 50% or more of total household water consumption during the warmer months.

One of the most effective ways to permanently reduce water usage in the home is to replace water-thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant landscapes. Residents can claim a $5 per square foot grass removal rebate (up to 5,000 square feet or $25,000 total). Lawn replacement discounts are also available for commercial and multi-family customers. For more information on residential and commercial discounts and to apply, visit the website at

Water-saving devices – Other rebates are currently being offered to Malibu residents for water-saving devices, including toilets, washing machines, sprinkler nozzles, rain barrels and cisterns, weather-based irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensor systems. For more information and to apply, go to Rebates and resources for commercial customers include Water Saving Devices, Water Saving Incentive Program, On-Site Renovation Program, and Turf Replacement and Project Assistance Program. public bodies. Learn more and apply at

Additional Malibu-specific water conservation information is available at

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