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The deeply rooted history of downtown Chandler gives way to two entirely new developments as part of the city’s efforts to revitalize the neighborhood.

And the long-awaited Overstreet and New Square projects, located one block from each other on Arizona Avenue, uncovered an old infrastructure in the historic city plaza that took work crews by surprise. .

In addition to the challenge of being surrounded by essential Century Link conduits on three sides, workers at the Overstreet project had to contend with a century-old network of gas station lines, household sewage systems and other hidden infrastructure, according to project manager Darrell. Smart from LGE Design Build.

Malin said the project was delayed for nine months after the chaos underground was discovered while he was tasked with rethinking the layout of the foundations and load-bearing support structures.

He said he had to “tiptoe” around important wiring.

“Just when you thought you had it all, you would find more,” said Malin. “There were times when I felt like we were archaeologists. I mean we were there with hand tools to make sure we found everything trying to figure out if there was a need to keep them.

Downtown redevelopment manager Kim Moyers said the New Square development also served similar underground barriers that a contractor described as “a bowl of spaghetti.”

Due to the time, money, and effort required to sort out the underground sites, Chandler City Council purchased the land with the intention of leasing it after construction was completed through what is known as a excise tax on public leases (GPLET).

“We knew there was infrastructure in there,” she said. “So we had to do a lot of research and study, and that’s part of the reason the city is going in and putting these properties together to make them more attractive to a developer,” she said.

Moyers added that she understands the developers want to make a positive impact on the community, but with such a messy underground infrastructure, it would have been difficult to find a builder to take over the project.

There has to be a “balance between making it profitable for them but also beneficial for the community,” Moyers said.

“Without this tool – or if it weren’t for this tool – this land would be very difficult to develop… and frankly, without tools like the GPLET they would just lose money,” Moyers added, noting:

“It’s really an incentive for redevelopment and the reason it’s such an important tool especially for downtown is because our downtown is the oldest place in the whole city. Thus, we have had many properties in certain plots that have been developed several times. As we continue with the redevelopment there is more infrastructure underneath and that makes the projects much more expensive downtown.

The Overstreet project should be an anchor point in the city center.

The sleek, modern development, which could bring $ 51.8 million to the city each year, is expected to feature upscale restaurants like Eggstacy and Camp Social, a micro-brewery and cinema called Flix Brewhouse, second-floor offices. and a newly completed 350 free parking space.

Moyers said the impact the development will have on Chandler’s economy is what makes the project so “attractive.”

Last week, Revint Solutions signed an 18,492 square foot lease at Overstreet, with Scott Boardman and Dave Carder of Cushman & Wakefield representing the landlord and Tanner Milne of The Menlo Group representing the tenant.

“This rental transaction with Revint Solutions is another example of office tenants looking to relocate to dynamic living, work and play environments,” Boardman said, citing “the developer’s track record in design and development. construction of cutting edge mixed-use urban / suburban projects that tenants love to be a part of.

The company plans to occupy the space by July 2019, starting from East Germann Road in Chandler.

“Overstreet is the perfect place for a forward-thinking company like Revint Solutions,” said David Sellers, president and CEO of Phoenix-based LGE Design Build, which developed Overstreet. “Employees will find creative offices in an atmosphere of live work and play that truly has no comparison in the valley. “

The city expects Revint to create 135 “well-paying” jobs downtown, and another 100-150 to be created by first-floor restaurants when they open.

“This development is crucial for the downtown area,” Moyers said of Overstreet.

“Most of the downtown areas in any community are kind of the heart of the community, and how you treat this downtown area is a big factor when people are looking to settle here both personally and professionally.” , Moyers said.

Although not that far, New Square, across from City Hall, is also advancing.

A centrally located green space will be surrounded by a 112-room Hilton Garden Inn, a three-story glass-curtain building with retail space on the lower level, a separate multi-tenant office building and a free parking garage with 940 spaces.


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