Hanoi uses social resources to preserve intangible cultural heritages | Culture – Sports

The incense offering ceremony at Saint Giong Festival, one of the three intangibles cultural heritage of Hanoi which are recognized by UNESCO. (Photo: thanglongchinhphu.vn)

Hanoi (NAV) – The capital Hanoi mobilizes all resources to protect and promote the values ​​of the intangible cultural heritage of the city within the framework of a plan until 2025.

The Municipal Department of Culture and Sports is responsible for coordinating closely with the bodies concerned, local authorities and communities the deployment of heritage protection solutions. Dissemination campaigns will be launched to introduce the values ​​of intangible heritage to Vietnamese and international visitors, helping to enhance the community’s awareness of the work.

The city will compile scientific files for several local intangible cultural heritages to be submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for inclusion in the national intangible cultural heritage list, as well as develop heritage publications. Training courses will be organized to improve the practice or interpretation of typical intangible cultural elements that are endangered.

Favorable policies will be issued for artists as well as the restoration of various types of intangible cultural heritage. The City will encourage and facilitate the collection and enhancement of these heritages by both organizations and individuals.

With 1,793 items of intangible cultural heritage, including three intangible cultural heritages of humanity recognized by UNESCO, Hanoi is one of the places with the richest cultural heritage in Vietnam./.


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