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HELEN-The town of Helena has a long history and a stop inside the Helena Museum shows how much has been preserved and how the town has changed over time.

The Helena Historic Preservation Committee is a group that exists to preserve, promote and protect Helena’s story and in 2018 the group will be burying a time capsule and looking for help to get the content into the time capsule.

In 2040, Helena will celebrate her 175th birthdayand Founders Day and 2065 will mark the 200and birthday. The goal is for future city officials to open the time capsule of those years to find objects and artifacts from a bygone era of 2017 that describe what life was like in those days.

Residents of Helena can help gather items for the time capsule in several ways. The Preservation Committee is looking for articles describing life in 2017. What is the school like? What does everyday life look like? How are the people and what do they do for fun? What are the issues of concern in the city, state, nation and world?

Another submission can be predictions of what 2040 and 2065 will be like. How will life be different, better, or worse? What advances in science, technology or other fields will have taken place? How will schools and learning be different from now? What will people in 2040 and 2065 be proud of or concerned about?

Other submissions may include personal, family, or professional background in becoming a time capsule sponsor.

The different levels of sponsorship are as follows:

–Legacy Patron–A Legacy sponsorship is $250 and will include a small box and name on the dedication plaque.

–Platinum Sponsor–A Platinum sponsorship is $100 and will include a small box provided by the Time Capsule Committee.

–Gold Patron–A Gold sponsorship is $25 and will include a standard envelope with any message or elements for the time capsule.

–Silver Patron–A Silver sponsorship is $10 and will include a message on a small card that will be placed in the time capsule.

The deadline to submit items for the time capsule is March 1, 2018. The time capsule will be closed and locked on April 8, 2018.

Guidelines for time capsule submissions include photographs printed on photo paper, not copy paper. All paper items must be created or photocopied on archival quality paper. The fabric should be clean, dry and free of insects. Cotton and polyester are preferable.

Items to avoid placing in the time capsule include newsprint and table paper, paper items to be laminated or dry-glued, writing in gel ink or felt-tip pens, rubber objects, PVC, vinyl and polyurethane foam, wooden items, nylon, silk, wool, batteries and food products.

Time capsule submissions should be directed to Hal Woodman. For questions, contact Woodman at [email protected]

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