Historic Hobson Grove House Restoration Artist Receives Historic Preservation Medal

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — Last year, Historic Hobson Grove began doing renovations inside the house, including restoring the ceilings.

Nearly a year later, restoration artist Kristina Lemmon has successfully repainted and preserved a piece of history, original 1870s Victorian paintings on two ceilings in the Hobson Grove house in Riverview.

On Saturday, Lemmon received a special medal for his contribution.

“I’m thrilled that we were able to recognize Kris for her hard work,” says Brooke Westcott Peterson of Kristina Lemmon’s work at Hobson Grove House.

“I feel, I feel good, I feel good,” adds Kristina Lemmon.

“She came for what was supposed to be a job of about four days and ended up being here, on and off, for three months, because we kept discovering more and more of their original decoration on the ceiling,” recalls Westcott Peterson.

Lemmon received a certificate and medal for her work from the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

“The fact that they feel like restoration and preservation is very important to them, they’re like, they’re my friends. They support me and I support their efforts,” Lemmon said.

Executive Director, Westcott Peterson of Hobson House spoke about a future project with Lemmon.

“We were so pleased with the work she did that we invited her to come back here now, she will also be working on our walls,” she adds.

Lemmon says she’s just grateful to have been on the project.

“It’s all beautiful and unified and hopefully for another 60-70 years,” Lemmon said.

“We’re going to brag about her for the next 50 years of the work she’s done here and bring this back to how it was when Atwood and Julia Hobson lived in this house,” Westcott Peterson said.

Historic Hobson Grove is currently closed for the winter season but will reopen for tours next month.

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