Historic Preservation Commission approves repairs for affordable housing

The Southold Historic Preservation Commission has approved proposed alterations to a historic house along Main Road in Southold which is intended for use as affordable housing.

The existing house was built in the early 1900s and is listed on the Southold Town Register of Historic Landmarks, according to application documents filed with the HPC. Developer Todd Feuerstein of HC NOFO, LLC proposed structural repairs and replacement of the building’s siding and roofing. The developer also plans to add a trellis to the porch, complete the facade with a 5-inch Hardie board, and move the existing compressors to the rear of the building.

The historic building would contain two apartments, according to a March memorandum from the Planning Board. The developer has also proposed three two-story buildings at the rear of the 1.12 acre property with four apartments each and 28 parking spaces. Each apartment would be just over 800 square feet.

The property is located between the town hall and the post office. The Architectural Review Board, in its April comments, pointed out that a successful project there could have a positive impact on the lives of pedestrians in the village.

“There is a great opportunity for this project to be thought out and adapted to these adjacent public spaces. It can reflect the particular character and dynamism of the emblematic district. This can set an important culturally sensitive precedent that affordable housing is quality housing. It can be environmentally friendly and promote healthy lifestyles,” the review panel said in April, recommending a landscape architect to “better address these issues.”

Reached by telephone on Friday, Mr Feuerstein said he had embarked on the venture because “there is a huge need for affordable housing” in Southold and the project “speaks for itself”.

The site plan has yet to be approved by the Planning Board.

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