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Historic Preservation Commission denies demolition of historic 10th Street home

Posted at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Historic Preservation Commission has denied the demolition of a property at 1431 South 10th Street.

Locating the termite damage, the owner’s representatives pleaded for permission to demolish and rebuild.

While neighbors spoke at the meeting to express their support for the demolition, the Commission ultimately decided that the damage to the structure was repairable and the responsibility of the owner. With no motion to approve the demolition, permission was denied.

The Commission’s objective is to preserve the architecture and integrity of the historic quarter of the city.

The Ordinance Code criteria for the demolition of a resource in the Historic District include the following:

The Board must consider the individual architectural, cultural or historical significance of the resource.

The Commission takes into account the importance or the contribution of the resource to the architectural character of the borough.

The Panel must consider the significance or contribution of the resource to nearby property values.

The Board will consider the difficulty or impossibility of reproducing such a resource due to its texture, design, material or detail.

New building plans are assessed against Oxford building guidelines. The guidelines state that a new building located in the historic district must preserve the integrity of the district, ensure that new construction and additions strengthen and maintain the integrity of individual buildings and the area as a whole, and encourage new developments that will respect and enhance the visual character of the neighborhood.

New buildings should be compatible with the existing environment without exactly replicating existing buildings and should be seen as products of their time.

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