Historic Preservation Commission supports resurvey of two areas

The Historic Preservation Commission on Tuesday signed two resolutions for grants specifically designed to survey the lands of Jefferson City.

The two grants were not awarded to the city, but the commission supported the applications.

The city received the same grants last year, but Neighborhood Services Supervisor Rachel Senzee said the consultant hired for the project ultimately did not do an adequate job.

“It’s basically the same project we had last year. We’re resubmitting this year to try to catch up on the work,” she said.

The goal is to conduct research to find viable locations for the National Register of Historic Places.

If awarded, the grants would specifically focus efforts on two areas, one on the east side of town and the other on Main Street West. Provided by the State Historic Preservation Office and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the grants require 40% matching funds from the city.

The grant applying to the east side of the city studies approximately 220 acres adjacent to the city center. If awarded, the grant provides $50,000.

Its boundaries narrow between residential and commercial structures, encompassing the Missouri State Penitentiary, the Capitol, and the neighborhoods around Lafayette, Cherry, Locust, and up to Benton streets.

The second grant, if awarded, provides $13,800. The West Main Street survey primarily targets subdivisions like High Point, Wolffs, Jefferson Heights and Carlins Additions.

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