Historic preservation, museums to be funded under Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed 2022 budget

In one look : Funding for historic preservation in Pennsylvania is expected to see a slight increase under Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed state budget for 2022.

After a cut last year, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission would get an increase of nearly $2 million for its general operations under the proposed plan.

What this means: The spending plan calls for $23 million to support staffing and other expenses within the museum and the state preservation agency.

The proposal means the commission would be able to meet existing expenses – largely staff – and use the slight increase in funding to offset some new costs.

“We will continue the good work of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission,” said commission press secretary Howard M. Pollman. “It’s nice to see an increase to help cover increased staffing costs and the new state archives facility. It keeps things stable and helps keep things moving along the way.

The increased amount largely covers the cost of staffing, including contractual obligations for state employees, benefits and salaries; as well as increased costs associated with the new state archives facility. This facility is under construction in Harrisburg and is expected to be completed this summer.

The Cultural and Historical Support funding appropriation would be at a fixed level of $2 million – unchanged from last year. This program is essential for small historical organizations, some of which may have only one employee.

“This is very important money for museums and historical organizations across the Commonwealth,” Pollman said. “It’s general operational support. These are funds that can be used for any purpose. Over the last few years with covid and all we hear from grant recipients who say they appreciated that money no matter how small the grants.

The Historic and Museums Commission oversees approximately 25 state-owned sites across the Commonwealth, including popular museums and destinations like the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum, and Washington Crossing Historic Park.


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