Historical commission plans to update Mattapoisett resources

MATTAPOISETT – The Mattapoisett Historical Commission plans to update the town’s historical and cultural resources.

The commission selected Christopher Skelly of Skelly Preservation Services to complete a city-wide investigative plan that will make recommendations for these resources. The last survey of historic properties was completed in the early 1980s, and the commission says it is “necessary that the original survey be expanded and updated” in order to meet state standards.

The Mattapoisett Historical Commission was established in 1973 by the Mattapoisett Town Meeting under the direction of Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40, Section 8D.

The primary purpose of a local historic commission is community-wide historic preservation planning. This consists of the identification, evaluation and protection of historic resources throughout the community. The survey plan will prioritize and focus on these key points, provide an analysis of the survey of the existing property, analyze the survey needs of the historic property, and recommend a plan of action.

Once the plan has been developed, the next phase will be to complete the inventory forms. Inventory forms are the primary way to record information about the history, location, and appearance of assets. They will be digitized into an easily accessible database available on the State’s website.

The information serves as the basis for determining if the properties are eligible to be listed on the National Historic Register. The National Historic Register is an official recognition of a property’s significance to the nation’s history, culture, architecture or archeology. The information can also be valuable to property owners interested in the history of their properties, and it can serve as a valuable tool for the community’s understanding of its history and culture.

This project is funded by a grant from the Mattapoisett Community Preservation Committee.

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