Investing in Historic Infrastructure to Benefit Native Americans in Three Key Ways


“I am delighted that the IIJA reinforces our responsibility as a nation to honor the responsibility of the Indian Federal Trust and the Biden Administration’s commitment to equity and environmental justice as we rebuild better , especially with regard to tribal nations, “said Executive director Christine Harada.

The Permits Board administers Title 41 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST-41) and establishes best practices for the licensing of infrastructure across the federal government. As part of the IIJA, the Permitting Council will help ensure that infrastructure investments benefit communities across the country of India in the following ways:

  • Infrastructure projects sponsored by tribal entities and located on tribal lands will have increased access to the benefits of FAST-41, which include transparent, public authorization timelines and increased access to federal decision makers regarding their projects..
  • The Executive Director of the Permits Board will be authorized to transfer funds directly to the tribes to participate in the federal review and authorization of infrastructure projects affecting the tribe, thereby alleviating the financial burden of participating in the review of the tribes. projects..
  • The IIJA directs the 13 member agencies of the Permit Council to develop new government-wide best practices to improve the early engagement of agencies and project developers with tribal governments to identify potential impacts on communities. natural, archaeological and cultural resources of infrastructure projects authorized by the federal government..

Large, complex infrastructure projects can impact the land and cultural resources of any of the 574 American and Alaskan Indian tribes and villages recognized by the federal government in the United States. Tribal involvement in the infrastructure developed on tribal lands.

The Permits Council has successfully implemented the recommendations of the U.S. Government Accountability Office Report 2019 to help federal agencies ensure that their policies better communicate how they view tribal contribution in decision-making for proposed infrastructure projects. And he continues to rely on his Best Practices Report 2021 for high quality nation-to-nation engagement on infrastructure projects through its Tribal Initiative. The initiative includes providing government-wide training for more effective nation-to-nation engagement, organizing nation-to-nation consultations with White House and Permit Council officials, and facilitating the government-wide expansion of Tribal Directory Assistance Tool.

In addition, the The Biden administration is committed to regularly and meaningfully consulting with tribal leaders when formulating federal policy that affects tribal nations..

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Learn more about Title 41 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST-41).

SOURCE Permits Council

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