Jonathan Street Historic Preservation Project Completed | WDVM25 and DCW50


HAGERSTOWN, Maryland (WDVM) – After years of planning and rehabilitation, the first historic project in a generation is complete.

The 1830 log cabin is now a revised home located on historic Jonathan Street.

Preservation Maryland celebrated its enormous potential with a groundbreaking ceremony.

The event turned out to be a personal and professional event for many who grew up on Jonathan Street and watched the project unfold.

“It’s an opportunity for us to use a historic place to improve a community. we don’t just turn it into a museum or capture it in amber, we take this historic place and so can build a better community, ”said Nicholas Redding, president and CEO of Preservation Maryland.

“We were looking to save 335 North Jonathan Street, but we called in the architects and found that this structure was truly beyond repair. The journey of seeking to save this property really opened the door for us to build a relationship and to save us 417 North Jonathan Street, ”said Reggie Turner, president of the Western Maryland Community Development Corporation.

“Building a rehabilitation alone won’t fix the community, but we hope it shows the power and promise of preservation as a tool to reinvest in places that make Hagerstown and across our state,” Redding said. .

Members of this project say it is the first of many projects to come to Jonathan Street.

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