Kentucky Heritage Council Seeks Input for State’s Five-Year Historic Preservation Plan

The Kentucky Heritage Council is seeking broad public input for a new five-year state historic preservation plan that will outline goals, objectives and strategies to help preserve historic buildings and other sites across the Commonwealth.

The questions seek feedback on what individuals believe are their community’s most important historic resources, the most effective tools and key challenges for preserving these places, and the most pressing preservation goals for Kentucky.

The poll will be open until April 1, after which the data will be analyzed and incorporated into the Kentucky State Historic Preservation Plan 2023-2028, which is due for submission and review by the National Park Service next fall.

Stakeholders invited to respond to the survey include those interested in the preservation of historic sites, owners of historic properties, state and local elected officials, real estate professionals and representatives of federal and state agencies, historic sites and museums, Native American tribes with ties to Kentucky, emergency management agencies, business, universities, and school systems, or sites that may not have been the subject of historic preservation efforts in the past.

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