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Pictured are members of the Lakewood Village Board of Directors at a meeting this week.

LAKEWOOD – The Lakewood Village Board of Directors voted this week to appoint Trustee Edward McCague as chairman of the Village Historic Preservation Steering Committee.

The council tabled the measure that would create the committee until its next meeting on Tuesday, October 12.

The Historic Preservation Steering Committee, once established, will investigate and report to the Mayor of Lakewood and the Board of Trustees on various areas including the Lakewood History Museum, Village Hall and Village Historic Preservation. This will also include a comprehensive assessment of the condition and location of the Lakewood History Museum, zoning areas that will reinforce the goals of the village’s historic preservation efforts, and investigative measures to help preserve the room. festivals.

McCague will be given the task of recruiting committee members to serve on the committee.

Mayor Randy Holcomb said the reason for the creation of the new steering committee is the fact that the historian of the Lakewood History Museum has retired and the village clerk has since shown around the historic center.

“The village hall, of course, is an older building and I think that has always been on people’s minds” said Holcomb.

Administrator Ellen Barnes said part of the committee’s creation was looking at the “Museum placement.”

“Where it can be, it is perhaps more of an access to the main street”, said Barnes. “This is a study just to see what can be done and what our options would be of having this museum and not necessarily in the basement here, but it may be a perfect place for it. But, I think it’s up to the steering committee to look at these things and the possibility of increasing and staffing, maybe hours. There is no sign around that even says the History Museum is open. There are things that can be done.

She brought up the possibility of someone writing “Historical texts” to entice people to visit the museum.

“I would say that the preservation of the village hall and the historic preservation of the village is a good idea, and the zoning is a very good idea because I think it helps the community to remain a community when you have the preservation of your history with another zoning which is in place and to come ”, said Barnes. “There are things that are happening that most of the people who will grow up in this community in 25 to 30 years will be happy to see it happen. “

After a membership discussion whether to limit it to three or five, the board decided to postpone the measure until the next meeting.

McCague said the village has a “a vast and rich history that should not be lost.”

The next board meeting will be on Tuesday October 12 at 6:30 p.m., a change from the previously scheduled meeting on Monday October 11. The change was made due to the Columbus Day holiday.

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