Moberly’s historic preservation committee accepts proposal to develop an ax throwing site in the city center


The redevelopment and remodeling of the exterior storefront of a downtown business was approved on Tuesday by the Town of Moberly Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) at its monthly business meeting in the conference hall of the municipal building.

On behalf of her and her husband Curt, Brande Blackwell provided each CHP member with a copy of the blueprints as well as interior and exterior designs to transform a historic building at 535 W. Reed St. into a place of entertainment and social. while having two apartments upstairs.

Moberly HPC President JW Ballinger said the design plans meet the committee’s criteria and guidelines and the proposal was unanimously approved by members in attendance Carolee Hazlet, Adam Flock, Sara Fleming and Doug Sharp .

The Blackwells, who also co-own and operate the Coates St. Corner Grill restaurant at 320 W. Coates St., are opening an ax throwing bar on the downtown site next to Diner’s Ready near from the US post office. .

Brande Blackwell said that an ax throwing venue has become a growing craze across the country which is frequented by millennials. The novelty offers people a way to release stress, it offers a social gesture of entertainment as well. as organized competitions.

Curt and Brande Blackwell, owners of this building at 535 W. Reed St. will follow Moberly's historic preservation guidelines as they renovate the structure into an ax throwing bar.  The structure has approximately 2,500 square feet on each of the two levels, with the upstairs being modernized to become two apartment units.  Its opening is tentatively scheduled for January 2022.

“There’s an ax throwing bar in Columbia that’s extremely popular and I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it,” Brande said. “We wanted to open a business that could target more of a younger generation while offering something that would generate more business and commercial traffic in our downtown area. We think an ax throwing business like this would become popular here at Moberly.

The venue is said to have four ax throwing lanes, a bar, and a few seats that can accommodate up to around 40 people. There would also be a small private room where group meetings or a small party can take place.

Blackwell said she and her husband had not determined what drinks or light refreshments would be offered. Remodeling and renovation work is expected to continue until at least December with hopes of opening in January 2022 or soon after.

In other Moberly HPC cases, the committee continues to await a feasibility study regarding the proposed plans and use of the former Kelly Hotel located on the north side of the municipal auditorium as well as the projected plans to develop a historic hotel of 55 units. between the corner of N. Williams and W. Reed streets and the old Commerce Bank building.

The CHP has reviewed a list of properties considered to be on a Missouri or National Historic Register that the group intends to visit and study further. Ballinger encouraged the committee to share ideas on how the HPC can better promote and market the Moberly community by identifying that it has a unique characteristic that would attract the attention of the public and tourism.

The next public business meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Tuesday August 9 at the same location.

Established on October 20, 2003 by City Council and officially certified by the National Historic Preservation Act as a Certified Local Government Program Participant one year later, the volunteer members of Moberly HPC’s role to the community include the following:

• Develop support for historic preservation from individuals, non-profit groups and businesses.

Establish economic incentives to encourage historic preservation.

Raise awareness of historic preservation at Moberly and educate the public.

Identify historical resources important to Moberly’s past.

Protect historic resources.

Provide technical assistance for historic preservation.

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