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The City of New Bedford Community Preservation Committee has voted to recommend 16 projects to the New Bedford City Council for total funding of $1.6 million for FY22 through the Community Preservation Act ( CPA).

The CPA’s recommended funding would support projects in areas such as affordable housing, outdoor recreational facilities and historic preservation.

The committee received 17 applications during the FY22 CPA application cycle, seeking a total of just over $2 million. In deciding how to allocate the $1.6 million in available CPA funds, the committee weighed the priorities of the FY22 community preservation plan, whether proposals could obtain full or partial funding through CPA support, and which proposals best met the CPA criteria. One application did not meet the criteria and was invited to reapply during the FY23 application cycle.

The committee submitted the FY22 CPA funding recommendations to City Council, which will be on its March 10 agenda. City Council has the final authority to allocate CPA funds and approve recommended projects, approve projects at reduced funding levels, or reject projects. If City Council votes to reject or reduce funding for a recommended project, the committee will have an opportunity to respond and/or adjust the scope or terms of the project before a final decision by City Council.

Here are the recommended projects for FY22 CPA funding:

affordable housing

• Holy Family High School Adaptive Reuse Project $175,000
• Temple Landing II $93,600

Historic preservation

• Cliftex II $86,000
• Digitization of maritime archives Phase II $14,000
• Digitization of Milton Silvia Negative Collection Part II $20,000
• First Baptist Church Preservation Project $108,000
• Exterior painting Gallery X $86,000
• Conservation of portraits of George Washington $26,000
• Final phase of the roof of the James Arnold mansion $100,000
• Disabled access to LGBTQ+ community center $200,000
• Masonry repairs to the Bourne Building of the New Bedford Whaling Museum $187,500
• Masonry repairs at Rotch Jones Duff House $142,900
• Restoration of the Strand Theater $300,000
• Thomas Department Store Envelope Appraisal $15,000

Outdoor recreational facilities

• Brooklawn Skatepark Design $22,000
• City-wide signage for parks $24,000

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Community Preservation Law Background

New Bedford voters passed the Community Preservation Act (CPA) through a ballot in November 2014. The statewide enabling legislation allows communities to create dedicated funding for projects that support spaces open spaces, outdoor recreation facilities, historic preservation and affordable housing activities in the city. .

Oversight of this process rests with the Community Preservation Committee, the body created by the city to oversee the CPA program in New Bedford.

Since fiscal year 2018, the committee has recommended, and City Council has approved, 65 grants totaling more than $6.8 million in CPA funding for projects that preserved historic resources and open spaces, created opportunities for community and improved housing and created recreational facilities throughout the city. . Additionally, these grants enabled the organizations to leverage an additional $6.9 million in funding from other sources, such as state and federal funds and private foundations.

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