New License Plate Sales Support Historic Preservation

ATLANTA — Drivers with Georgia license plates can now sport a new look while supporting the state’s Division of Historic Preservation. The HPD released its new “Preserve Georgia Downtowns” themed license plates this week.

The HPD, now part of the Georgian Ministry of Community Affairs, works with federal agencies to help them comply with historic preservation laws and regulations, administers several economic development programs, and collaborates with key stakeholders in planning, conservation, tourism and site protection.

HPD’s Georgia Heritage Grant Program matches funds raised from the plates. Since 1994, the program has doubled over $3.5 million.

New plates cost $45, of which $20 goes to HPD, $5 goes to Georgia’s general fund, and the remaining $20 is the standard license plate fee. Historic preservation plaques can be purchased at any county tag office upon request. New storage plates can arrive within 7-10 business days from the order date. Temporary plates are issued at the time of purchase as special plates are not normally stocked. Georgia Historic Preservation Plates can also be purchased with a new vehicle by simply requesting the upgraded tag.

For more information about the Georgia Division of Historic Preservation, visit

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