North Arapaho Tribal Historical Preservation Office Wants To Get Involved In Energy Projects From The Start | Energy Journal



For us, traditionally and culturally, this is a very important job, because it is our history, and our pre-American history, that we are trying to preserve for our future generations.

A monitor monitors cultural resources as teams work on the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre wind project just outside Rawlins on October 20.

Cayla Nimmo, Star-Tribune

THIS : Can you help us understand the importance of surveying Wyoming land, even outside the Wind River reservation, before energy development occurs?

CC : It’s really important to the tribes across the United States, because before America was here, we had all this landscape there that we used, looked after, and walked through. We shared land with all these other tribes that have crossed and migrated. So there are a lot of stories.

Now that our people are confined to the reserve, our history, when you try to teach who we are and how we have lived, our societies, our ways of culture and language, it is over there in the country. He’s trying to get our youth and our elders, and our people in general, to reconnect to this and have this connection to the land. It helps them with our culture, our identity as the Arapaho people and our language. Our language is really tied to the land and it is really descriptive.

That’s why it’s really important that we protect these places and always try to allow our people to reconnect to those places as well, and remember that they’re there.


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