Office of Historic Preservation invites the public to submit areas of interest for investigation | Local News

As part of its multi-year initiative, the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office invites the public to submit historic sites for consideration on the Historic Preservation List.

Since launching its baseline survey project in 2020, the PA SHPO, an office of the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, has added more than 7,500 properties to the state’s historic preservation list.

By the end of 2024, nearly 19,500 additional historical and archaeological resources in 35 counties are expected to be added to the list.

About 16,000 years of state history are documented through the Preservation List, which explores Pennsylvania’s development, enriches local culture and helps communities plan for the future.

The Preservation Office wants to broaden the scope of the list to include underrepresented areas, spaces and time periods.

Next month the organization will start looking at which properties to include on the list. Baseline surveys will be conducted through early 2023 at locations identified as historically significant, including African American churches and cemeteries, fraternal buildings, and industrial resources.

Those who live or work in Washington, Greene and Fayette counties are encouraged to submit historic sites for baseline investigation.

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