PM Narendra Modi in UP


Prime Minister Modi was speaking in UP’s Mahoba while inaugurating a multitude of projects.

Mahoba (UP):

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday accused previous state and central governments of devastating the Bundelkhand region by ceding its resources and forests to mafia elements who “plundered” them.

“The governments that were there in Delhi and in UP spared no effort to devastate this region in turn,” Prime Minister said in Mahoba as he inaugurated a series of projects aimed at ending the water scarcity in the arid Bundelkhand region.

“It is not withheld from anyone that the jungles and the resources were handed over to the Mafia. The way these people behaved with Bundelkhand will not be forgotten by the people here,” he said.

“Much has been said and done in the name of”nalkoop“And hand pumps, but previous governments had not indicated how water could be made available in the absence of groundwater,” said the Prime Minister.

“Now when the bulldozer is used against the (elemental) mafia, some people are screaming for joy. But whatever they try to do, the development of the UP and the Bundelkhand will not stop, ”said the Prime Minister.

“The question is how this area, which was an example of water conservation in the past, has turned into a center of exodus and water-related problems,” the prime minister said.

“Why weren’t people ready to marry their daughters here and girls here wish they were married in areas where there is water? ” He asked.

Attack the “pariwarwadis“(Dynastic) governments, he said, have thirsted most villages in the UP for decades, but the government of“ ”karma-yogis“In two years, he gave tap water to 30 lakhs,” said Prime Minister Modi, praising the work of the government of Yogi Adityanath in the parched region.

“The governments of”pariwarwadis“Kept children and girls without clean drinking water, but the twin-engine government created separate toilets in schools,” he said.

They made announcements on behalf of the farmers but not a paisa used to reach them, he said.

“In the name of the ponds ribbons were cut but the ‘commission’ was taken in the embankment digging works and there was corruption in the drought relief works,” the prime minister said. Modi.

“Those in the government pillaged the Bundelkhand and benefited their families without caring for yours by crying for every drop of water,” he said, citing the example of the Arjun Sahayak project, which he launched today. hui, as an example of their work culture.

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