San Antonio voters approve investment in historic infrastructure and affordable housing through $1.2 billion bond program – City of San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO (May 7, 2022) – Voters today approved the largest bond program in the city’s history. The $1.2 billion bond program invests in San Antonio’s infrastructure and resilience. The 2022 – 2027 bond program does not require an increase in the City’s property tax. As part of the bond program, voters also approved the first-ever Housing Affordability Bond proposal that will produce and preserve affordable, permanent supportive housing.

“The 2022-2027 bond program is making historic investments in all areas of the community, with a focus on neighborhoods. 76% of the funding is dedicated to improving our streets, sidewalks, drainage and parks,” said City Manager Erik Walsh. “For the first time ever, the City will also invest bond dollars to create and preserve much-needed affordable housing. No matter where you live, the bond program will improve your community. Voters agreed that there is a huge need in our community and that the City will act quickly to make the 183 projects a reality.
The $1.2 billion voter-approved bond package includes six proposals, 183 projects and includes record funding for public art. The bond program will also invest in the production and preservation of affordable, permanent supportive housing.

The 2022-2027 voter-approved bond program is spending 53% of its dollars on street and drainage infrastructure projects. Improvements also include a planned 21 miles of new linear greenway trails, $15.7 million for public art, improvements to city parks including the addition of nine new park properties, $68 million $ in renovations to municipal libraries, community centers and cultural facilities and $65 million in new construction of municipal facilities, including new public safety facilities and a $150 million investment in affordable housing.

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