Search for candidates to sit on the boards of directors of the historic protection zone (HPOZ)

Search for candidates to sit on the boards of directors of the historic protection zone (HPOZ)

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Do you have a passion for historic preservation? Would you like to participate in the celebration and preservation of the architectural and cultural heritage of historic neighborhoods in Los Angeles? If so, please consider joining a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone Council.

The HPOZ program aims to identify and protect the distinctive architectural and cultural resources of historic Los Angeles neighborhoods. In HPOZs, all exterior work requires a historical compatibility review based on the guidelines of the adopted preservation plan. According to the HPOZ, projects considered by the Council can range from smaller projects such as window rehabilitation work to larger projects such as additions and infill developments. HPOZ panels also serve as informal sources of technical expertise and advice. Board members often offer excellent advice on cost effective ways to renovate properties that will maintain and enhance the historic character of the building. Other board duties include community education and outreach to promote the HPOZ program.

Each HPOZ board of directors consists of five or seven members. The mayor, the member of the municipal council representing the region, the cultural heritage commission and the council itself appoint the members, the majority of whom must reside in the HPOZ. One board member should have extensive real estate or construction experience, one should be a licensed architect, and all members should have knowledge of and interest in the culture, history and architecture of the HPOZ area. Applicants who own or lease property in an HPOZ are preferred, but not required.

Board meetings are held twice a month and may be canceled if the quorum cannot be reached or if no agenda item is pending. Members of the Board of Directors can serve up to two consecutive four-year terms. Currently, all meetings are held virtually via Zoom.

Interested candidates are encouraged to send a cover letter / summary of their interest in serving, along with a resume or short biography to [email protected] To see a full list of the city’s 35 HPOZs and to learn more about the program, please visit: Local Historic Districts.

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