Solon pushes for the creation of a water resources management department. – Manila Bulletin

A representative from the party list has raised concerns about the “disorganized and unwieldy framework” to improve water resources nationwide, prompting him to push for the immediate passage of the bill. Department of Water Resources Management (DWRM).


AGRI List Party Representative Wilbert T. Lee said the 19th Congress should discuss proposals to create the DWRM in its deliberations.

“The disorganized and cumbersome framework governing the country’s water resources is untenable in a context of growing food insecurity,” he noted.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. mentioned the measure as one of his administration’s priorities in his first State of the Nation (SONA) address last July.

Lee is the author of Bill 2880, which is part of the water-related bills to develop and implement a comprehensive water use and conservation program through the DWRM.

According to the bill, the tasks of DWRM are as follows:

1. “Implement the necessary policy and resource reforms with respect to the management of all water resources, including irrigation, sewage and sanitation;

2. Monitor and assess compliance with national water, irrigation, sewage and sanitation targets;

3. Formulate an updated national roadmap to meet the state’s water, sewer and sanitation needs; and

4. Improve water conservation and increase system efficiency.

The proposed DWRM would also encourage the use of rainwater harvesting facilities across the country to increase its water needs.

Lee stressed the urgent need to create the DWRM as the country stands to lose $124 billion through 2050 from water-related disasters such as storms and floods.

A report by global professional services company GHD ranked the Philippines as the fourth worst-hit country in the world by water-related disasters, with around 20 typhoons entering the country every year.

His office also cited at least 32 different agencies responsible for managing the Philippines’ water resources, but the country still ranks in the bottom third of 48 countries in the Asian Development Bank’s (AfDB) 2018 water governance rankings. the water.

The lawmaker said the government must put mechanisms in place to mitigate the projected loss.

He added that farmers should be protected by the government so that it does not jeopardize the country’s food security.



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