Springfield Community Preservation Committee Accepting Funding Applicants

SPRINGFIELD – Springfield’s Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is preparing to receive a new round of applicants for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding.

CPA funds continue to benefit various projects in the community. The 2021 bid process has awarded several companies the necessary funding, with projects including the reconstruction of the Forest Park Water Garden Gazebo, the development of Duggan Park, and the exterior preservation of the George Walter Vincent Art Museums. Smith.

At the CPC’s annual public feedback meeting in October 2021, Community Preservation Committee Administrator Karen Lee said the 2022 budget for CAP funds is $2,166,450. She explained that the CPC uses the local dedicated fund to contribute to community-inspired projects, including the preservation of historic sites, the development of outdoor recreational facilities and the creation of community housing.

To help potential applicants to the 2022 process, Lee hosted a CPA Application Workshop on February 1. The meeting featured CPC President Robert McCaroll and other CPC members as they outlined the importance of the committee’s role in the community.

Since CPC was established in 2018, the committee has funded 56 projects at a combined cost of more than $7 million, according to McCaroll. “We really think the CPA was something that Springfield voters were willing to participate in…it brings financial responsibility to improve the quality of life in Springfield,” McCaroll said.

McCaroll explained the importance for applicants to meet specific CPC criteria. He noted that each request can apply to open spaces, historic resources, recreational lands and community housing. However, each category makes different determinations as to whether projects are eligible for CPA.

After providing an overview of the CPA, Lee informed potential candidates of the specific details of the process. She stressed the importance for applicants to highlight the value of the project in terms of community impact and real need.

“We want to see big creative projects. We hope you bring that to us,” Lee said.

Lee shared that CPA applications must be filed by March 31, with the CPC meeting with applicants and deliberating this summer before city council recommendations are issued in early fall.

Readers interested in learning more about CPC and the CPA 2022 application process can visit https://www.springfield-ma.gov/finance/community-preservation. Readers can also view the application workshop at https://www.facebook.com/SpringfieldCommunityPreservationCommittee.

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