St. Thomas-St. John’s Historic Preservation Committee will hold a monthly meeting

VI Department of Planning and Natural Resources

The St. Thomas-St. The scheduled monthly meeting of the John Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) will be held at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, August 9. It will take place via Microsoft TEAMS, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The public is invited to attend; however, joining a TEAMS meeting requires an email address. Please contact HPC Coordinator Patton Mulford at 776-8605 or [email protected] to register or if you have any questions. The agenda is subject to change.

Agenda, Tuesday August 9 at 1 p.m., Tuesday August 9 via Microsoft Teams

HPC number: HPC-2-2022

Address and applicant: Norre Gade 4-B, KQ

Jon Euwema, Lab 4 Development/

Tripp Kamercia, White Bay Group

Application for: Lightening devices

HPC number: HPC-25-2022

Address and applicant: Cruz Bay 1-F

Jason Cawthron / Rum & Ruin Distillery

Application for: Paint Color, Rails

HPC number: HPC-24-2022

Address and applicant: Dronningens Gade 62, KQ

Stephanie Berry/ Department of Education

Application for: Rehabilitation of historic structures

HPC number: HPC-26-2022

Commander Gade OV 1-B, DQ

Address and applicant: Rudolfo & Natalie Brown/Midtown Guest House

Application for: Tables on public hose, Landscaping

Discussion: St. John’s Update — Advisory Committee Report/Recommendations, Kurt Marsh Jr.

HPC-19-2022, update

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