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FRAMINGHAM – Today, April 16, is the last day to submit a nomination for one of the four extraordinary seats on the 9-member Framingham Community Preservation Committee.

On Wednesday evening, the Framingham Parks and Recreation Commission appointed Commissioner Shannon Stevens to the 9-member committee. It was a unanimous vote to add the District 8 resident.

Also this week, the Historical Commission voted to send Fred Wallace from our commission to the APC Committee.

Thank you, the Framingham Historical Commission voted to place Commissioner Fred Wallace on the committee, said Historical Commission chairman Paul Silva.

In November 2020, voters said yes to the Community Preservation Act (CPA) 19,078 votes to 11,414.

Residential and commercial property owners will pay an additional approximately 1% on their property tax bill, starting in fiscal 2021 on July 1, 2021.

The Framingham Community Preservation Committee would be made up of nine members, including a member of the Planning Council, the Conservation Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Historical Commission and the Framingham Housing Authority.

The other four members would be appointed by the city council.

All must be residents of Framingham.

The tasks of the members of the committee consist of:

• Develop a community preservation plan. Members are responsible for studying the needs, community resources and possible uses of CPA funds by creating a local CPA plan that prioritizes uses and enables informed decisions to be made on CPA proposals.
• Perform a thorough review of CPA requests and make recommendations to City Council for ownership and action.
• Maintain all respective records and required reports on the CPA budget, including minutes of CPC meetings, proposals and recommendations. CPA is responsible for submitting an annual CPA budget to city council.

Applicants should demonstrate competence and / or interest in serving as a member of the community preservation committee with particular expertise, education, previous and / or continuing experience focused on land use issues related to the affordable housing, agriculture, historic preservation, recreation and open spaces, land use planning, and / or management. Experience in municipal finance or tax accounting is desirable.

Members are prohibited from holding any other municipal position within a multi-member organization or from holding a municipal officer position while being a member of the Community Preservation Committee.

The City of Framingham is committed to pursuing strategic diversity initiatives that help position diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of municipal and community excellence in the City of Framingham.

The deadline to apply for the four positions on the Committee is today, April 16.

Visit to apply.

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