The Framingham Community Preservation Committee is now accepting applications for eligibility

FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham Community Preservation Committee announced today, August 8, that the committee is now accepting applications for CPA Project eligibility.

Applications are available on the Framingham Community Preservation Committee website and
at the Planning and Community Economic Development Department in the Memorial Building at 150 Concord Street.

The application form is only available in English at the moment. The Committee is still working on a Spanish and Portuguese form.

Framingham passed the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA) in November 2020
by electoral referendum. In passing the law, voters agreed that owners would pay a 1% royalty
annual surtax on property taxes that can only be used for the City’s quality of life projects,
as defined by law. Passage of the law also made Framingham eligible to receive matching funds
from a state CPA trust fund.

It is estimated that the Committee will have approximately $2 million in the account when it comes time to award grants for projects.

This eligibility form has been prepared to determine if a potential project qualifies under the guidelines established by the Community Preservation Act. Projects eligible for funding revenue include: open space, historic preservation, outdoor recreation and community housing.

The city’s goal is for residents across the city to benefit from these projects, the committee said in a statement.

If a project is deemed eligible, applicants will be invited to submit a full application.

The full application form is expected to be available on or around September 1, 2022.

For more information regarding the Community Preservation Committee, visit the CPC
website at

Questions can be directed by email to [email protected]

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