The Senate adopts the bill on historic infrastructures: CEG



The US Senate passed the Law on investment in infrastructure and employment August 10 by a large bipartisan majority vote, 69-30. Nineteen Republicans joined with 50 Democrats in passing the bill, which will now head to the House, though that chamber may not consider the bill until the fall, after its August recess. Construction industry associations praise the milestone bill, which, if passed by the House, will allocate $ 1.2 trillion for roads, bridges, railroads, public transportation and the electrical network.

Here are the statements released by industry associations so far:


“Equipment makers applaud the US Senate for passing a bold, bipartisan bill that will make a transformational investment in our nation’s infrastructure. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will create nearly 500,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector over the next three years, including more than 100,000 skilled and family jobs in the equipment manufacturing industry.Investing in our infrastructure will also help us meet our greatest challenges so as to improve the quality of life of all Americans, to strengthen our global economic position and protect our planet, ”said Kip Eideberg, senior vice president of government and industry relations for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

“We applaud the unwavering leadership and bipartisan work of Senate negotiators and committees to reach agreement through a collaborative and transparent process. Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Rob Portman have worked tirelessly to move the bill forward in the Senate and overcome a myriad of obstacles, and we are grateful for their stubborn focus on bipartisanship. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is not only a unique opportunity to rebuild our country’s infrastructure, but an opportunity to restore our economic competitiveness, improve the ability of equipment manufacturers to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century; and improve the lives of all Americans. We urge the House of Representatives to put politics before politics and pass this bill as soon as possible.

“For years, equipment manufacturers have led the charge of a historic investment in our country’s basic infrastructure needs. for the benefit of all Americans. “


“AED welcomes the US Senate approval of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act. For years, AED has advocated for Congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to rebuild our country’s crumbling infrastructure, and we are now one step closer to making it a reality. Not only does the bill fund vital projects across the country, it also includes a five-year surface transportation reauthorization that will provide long-term certainty for contractors and other ACN member clients. AED President and CEO Brian P. McGuire.

“I now call on the United States House of Representatives to immediately pass and pass the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, sending it to President Biden for his signature. The equipment industry is more than ready to help rebuild this country, create economic growth, well pay for jobs and put the United States on the path to future prosperity. Any further delay is unacceptable. “


“The new infrastructure measure passed by the Senate today provides much needed new federal investments in a wide range of infrastructure projects. These investments will help generate new demand for construction services, equipment and materials. -compensating for career opportunities in construction and helping make our economy more efficient and competitive, ”said Stephen E. Sandherr, Managing Director of Associated General Contractors of America.

“Unfortunately, some members of the House want to delay action on the bipartisan measure until an unrelated partisan spending bill is passed. The last thing Washington should do is hold a bill hostage. Bipartite infrastructure law essential to partisan politics Delaying action on the infrastructure measure will hurt the economy and deprive workers of opportunities to start well-paying construction careers It’s time to put people back at work instead of paying them to stay home, which is why we urge the House to quickly pass the bipartite infrastructure bill and send it to the Speaker for signature.


“The strong bipartisan spirit demonstrated by Senate approval of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act sets the bar very high,” said Dave Bauer, President and CEO of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA ).

“The US economy and users of the transportation system will benefit most from the enactment of an infrastructure bill that combines historic investment levels with pragmatic policy reforms.

“The vote in the Senate is an essential step, but not the finish line.

“We will continue to work with the House, Senate and the Biden administration to help achieve an outcome that meets America’s transportation infrastructure needs today and into the future.”


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) commends the United States Senate for passing the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), once again proving that the strength and reliability of systems d The infrastructure of our country is a problem that unites us all.

With this legislation, the federal government will restore its essential partnership with cities and states to modernize our country’s infrastructure, including transit systems, drinking water pipes, school facilities, broadband, ports, airports and more.

We applaud the Senate for putting American communities first in passing this bipartisan infrastructure legislation, and urge the United States House of Representatives to do the same.


“This bipartisan bill represents a giant step forward in improving access and mobility for the American public, putting our freeways and roads back in good shape, sparking continued innovation in the asphalt pavement industry, and securing good jobs. paid hundreds of thousands of American workers, not to mention improving their safety at work, ”said Audrey Copeland, President and CEO of NAPA.

“NAPA thanks the President and the Senate, especially those who are negotiating in good faith on behalf of the American people to pass a bipartisan infrastructure funding bill in a timely manner, allowing for much needed construction and maintenance of highways, roads and America’s essential bridges, “said James Winford, president of NAPA 2020-21.


“The United Steelworkers applauds the bipartisan work of the US Senate in passing a much needed infrastructure bill. Our nation’s critical infrastructure is long overdue for major upgrades, and this bill is an important step towards both making our communities safer and creating millions of good, life-sustaining jobs. family, ”said Tom Conway, International President of the United Steelworkers (USW).

“Steelworkers from all corners of our union are already providing the essential building blocks of a modern infrastructure, from the steel that goes into our bridges, to the pipes that carry our water, to the fiber-optic glass that we use. keeps connected and much more. .

“A global investment in infrastructure that relies on the goods and services provided by American workers will promote widespread employment growth and economic opportunity. Steelworkers and their families will benefit more from this investment as their workplaces and communities become safer and more efficient.

“As this bill moves through the United States House, we cannot allow the momentum to weaken. We urge Congress to continue working together to overhaul our physical and social infrastructure until they are finally meet our modern needs. “


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