The Wellesley Community Preservation Committee invites comments February 8 on new projects

The Wellesley Community Preservation Committee (CPC) will open its meeting on Wednesday, February 8 at 7:30 p.m. with a public hearing to solicit comments on the plans before the group (primarily from the Natural Resources Commission) that will come before the Annual Municipal Meeting. .

The requests:

  • From the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) for additional funding for the Large Weed Harvester for Morse Pond ($80,000).
  • From NRC for the cost of consultants for a full study of the active use of space ($58,000).
  • From the NRC for the cost of a lawn conversion pilot program ($20,000).
  • From the NRC to fund the retrofitting of existing lighting at Diane Warren Field and Hunnewell Field ($400,000).
Warren Field
  • From the Planning Department for funding the restoration of the 1897 City Atlas ($7,500).

The CPC is also seeking public input at the hearing regarding the city’s community preservation needs, opportunities and resources.

Residents interested in speaking at this hearing should email [email protected] before the meeting. Those wishing to speak can call on a conference line 781-489-7748. Callers will be taken in order. (The meeting is not being broadcast live but will be recorded for future broadcast.)

The CPC was formed to make recommendations to the City Assembly on how to use the funds raised through the approved 1% surtax on local property tax bills and the State’s annual matching (CPA fund ).

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