Where to find community gardens around Anderson, nutritional resources

The town of Anderson has seen abundant growth over the past few years with new businesses and improved green spaces dotting the bustling downtown.

Walk a mile in just about any direction and the scene fades to a slower pace.

Neighborhoods frozen in time and untouched for decades feature sidewalks in need of repair and homes weathered by years of weather.

Homes surrounding downtown, such as along Alphabet Streets or East Whitner Street, do not have very close access to affordable nutritious food.

Dovie Morton has lived in the same G Street white house for 70 years. She married her husband in 1950 and they moved a year later to the neighborhood originally intended for factory workers.

New people have come and gone, but the latest improvement in the neighborhood came recently with a garden.

Public gardens are springing up in the city as surrounding communities deal with the lack of accessibility to fresh food and attempt to provide nutrition education.

Here are some resources to explore in Anderson:

Discover the community gardens

Here are some public gardens around the town of Anderson to visit:

► Renaissance Academy on East Whitner Street

  • Renaissance Academy is an alternative educational program designed to promote the academic and social development of students in grades 6-12. School staff have been tending a garden behind the building for years while teaching students and reaching out to community members.

► Cleo Bailey Experience on East Whitner Street

  • Formerly East Whitner Street School, Zeph and Whitney Smith bought the ruined property and built a garden as the first step to reaching the community.

► LOT Project craft gardens along Alphabet Street

  • The LOT project operates two community gardens and is developing a third in the Alphabet Streets neighborhoods.

► United Way garden boxes throughout the city

  • Small boxes can be found throughout the city at these locations: Anderson Interfaith Ministries on Murray Ave, Anderson Free Clinic on N Fant St, Developmental Center for Exceptional Children on W Franklin St, South Main Chapel and Mercy Center on S Main St, First Presbyterian Church on W Whitner St, Cancer Association of Anderson on E Calhoun St, Foothills Alliance on E Calhoun St.

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Grocery stores near downtown Anderson

Most of the town’s development has been pushed north over the years, Anderson’s director of urban planning, Maurice McKenzie, said earlier this year.

The location of grocery stores reflects this with the highest concentration to the north and few to no nearby resources in much of the Eastside.

Western coast

► Whitner Street Grocery

  • 511 W Whitner St, Anderson, SC 29624

► Save a lot

  • 302 Pearman Dairy Rd, Anderson, SC 29621

From South

► Food lion

  • 2901 S Main St, Anderson, South Carolina 29624


  • 624 Highway 28 Bypass, Anderson, SC 29624

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► Publix Supermarket at Anderson Pavilion Shopping Center

  • 1611 E Greenville St, Anderson, South Carolina 29621

► English market

  • 1900 N Main St, Anderson, South Carolina 29621

► European Market #6

  • 715 E Greenville St, Anderson, South Carolina 29621

►Thomas Food Mart

  • 1604 Tribble St., Anderson, SC 29625

► Walmart Neighborhood Market

  • 2003 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621

Meals, support

► Hope Missions

  • 213 S Towers Street, Anderson
  • Hope Missions started during the pandemic as shower trailers and grew into an organization responding to basic needs while looking for specific ways to take the next steps towards housing.

► Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Metrolina’s Second Harvest Food Bank provides education, advocacy and partnerships to end hunger by distributing food.
  • Through a regional distribution warehouse and branches that supply food and groceries to charities, they serve a total of 24 counties, including Anderson.

► Anderson Emergency Soup

  • 306 Franklin Street West, Anderson
  • The Anderson Emergency Soup Kitchen is entirely dependent on volunteers and donations for their day-to-day work.
  • For those who are interested in volunteering, they can visit their Facebook page or come to the front door.
  • For regular volunteer hours, lunch is served from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and volunteers can come in from 9 a.m. to noon.

► The Batch Project

  • 302 W Market St, Anderson
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, The Lot Project donates meals and basic necessities. They also provide clothes and blankets on the first Friday of each month.

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Discover Anderson County Library Seeds

Residents can view seeds from the Anderson Main Library, a program in partnership with the Anderson County Soil and Water Conservation District.

People can check up to five seed packets at a time. Growing guides and other gardening resources are also available.

The program aims to raise awareness of environmental sustainability.

Sarah Sheridan is a community reporter in Anderson. She would appreciate your help in telling important stories; contact her at [email protected] or on twitter @saralinasher.

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